How it works

- How it works

#CastleLiteUnlocks is back! And this time we’re doing it a little different, and putting some of the power back in your hands.

This year we’re releasing Early Bird tickets on Thursday 20 February from 3pm to mark the countdown to the #CastleLiteUnlocks Artist Announcement for 2020. Tickets start at R50 and go up every half hour.

By the time we announce our headline act at 7:30pm Early Bird tickets will cost R450.

Here’s a step-by-step walk through to help you understand how the Early Bird Ticket system works:

  • 3pm, Thursday 20 February, Artist Announcement countdown begins at
  • As soon as the countdown timer starts Early Bird tickets become available for purchase on site.
  • Tickets start at R50 and go up every 30 minutes. (ticket Availability is limited AT each price point)
  • Click the ‘Buy Tickets’ button to purchase your tickets.
  • At 7:30pm we’ll announce the headline act, at which point Early Bird ticket sales close.

It’s that simple.
We can’t wait to see you at #CastleLiteUnlocks.